Download Free MP3 samples of The Emeralds music! The following are approximately 15 - 30 second clips of songs by The Emeralds taken straight from Emeralds albums. The album the song was taken off is listed next to the song. All songs are MP3 format audio and will take between five seconds (if you have a high speed internet connection) and one and a half minutes (if you have a phone line dialup connection). You will need an audio player such as Apple's QuickTime or the Microsoft Windows Media Player to hear the music.

Songs from the most recently released album "Look at Us"

Look At Us

Muskrat Ramble

Last Date

Moonlight Serenade

She Doesn't Matter

Log Driver's Waltz

Diggy, Diggy Lo

What a Wonderful World

Selections from other albums by The Emeralds:

Waltz Across Texas - From the album "Best of The Emeralds"

Bird Dance- The #1 International hit from the album "Bird Dance"

Blue Hawaii - From the album "Just For You"

Cotton Eyed Joe - From the album "Dance Dance Dance"

In The Mood - From the album "Dance Party"

Amazing Grace - From the album "Sentimental Favourites"

Life in the Finland Woods - From the album "25th Anniversary Waltz"

Clarinet Polka - From the album "Great Polka Hits"

San Antonio Rose - From the album "Dance and Romance"

Cab Driver - From the album "Sentimental Favourites"


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